3 Scamcoins Giving Cryptocurrency a Bad Name

14 May

The digital currency world has seen what’s coming to fair share of scams, Ponzi Schemes, and other projects where individuals lost a considerable amount of money. Few of those undertakings will dependably emerge, for the most part because of their sheer size. Strikingly enough, some scam coins have had an effect on the ecosystem also. Just a single of thecurrencies listed below is still in operation today, and they are being investigated by law enforcement organizations right now.

When discussing about digital money scams, one should look no more further than OneCoin. The same to The Billion Coin, OneCoin has no mechanical foundation, no improvement, and no white paper. This whole ecosystem is made out of nowhere, yet it keeps on drawing in investments from unknowing buyers everywhere throughout the world.

Everybody in the digital currency world has known about PayCoin, a scandalous cryptographic currency scheme founded by Homero Joshua Garza. PayCoin depicted itself as a global money that could compete with bitcoin, yet never lived up to that desire. Mining Paycoin could just happen through the company’s exclusive cloud mining platform, called Zenminer.

Billion Coin
With a name, for example, The Billion Coin, it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why this digital currency has been marked as a scam. This Ponzi Scheme publicized itself before in 2016 as the greatest cryptocurrency, evenousting bitcoin. As one would generally expect from this vindictive plans, The Billion Coin asserts its value will dependably go up. TBC chiefly targets users in Indonesia, and a considerable number of innocent individuals fall victim to this scam.

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