Tips on How to Make Money with Webinars

10 Jul

You have likely been on a webinar, online training or web conference. Whatever the word is they use to describe it. Webinars are big a hit in the internet market world right now, but they have been used in all types of niches to pull in huge cash for a long time.

What Is A Webinar?

Let’s talk about what a webinar is. Most webinars are live while some are recorded ones. You can host up to 1000 people on a webinar. Attendees are typically invited through an invitation sent out by the promoters or host of the webinar.

You can sign up, and you will get reminders along with a link to join the webinar during the scheduled time. Most webinars are voice over IP, which means you can listen to the host through your computer speakers. Attendees get the chance to ask questions if the hosts are going to be taking questions, or more often they will leave a question and answer session near the end to answer any questions.

How to Make Money with Webinars

Webinars are one of the best ways to sell products or services online and it’s a great selling platform, because you have the attendee’s attention and ability to connect with them as they have shown interest. Most successful webinars involve educating the attendees on a particular topic. Although it’s not only about educating the attendees, it’s also about selling.

Careful planning goes into the slides and selling while educating at the same time. Most hosts always provide something special for the attendees to purchase at the end of the webinar. It could be a bonus to the first set of people that join the webinar or a discounted price. It’s ideal to provide value for attendees and they may decide to buy what you offer.

Here Are Some Tips for You If You Decide to Run a Webinar

  1. Schedule it about a week out, with all the time zones, weekends and much more. Provide people the opportunity to read your invitation and sign up.
  2. Schedule an email reminder (Like AWeber).
  3. Start on time, respect the time of those who showed up on time.
  4. Record all your webinar, but if you don’t record it and you want to make use of it, you will be out of luck. You can make use of Screenflow or Camtasia to record the webinar.
  5. Promote your registration page as much as possible and you can set up an affiliate link for an affiliate to land on the registration page. Make sure you promote your webinar.
  6. Don’t forget that you are selling, so remember to show value, keep them enticed and when you are ready don’t be afraid to make the pitch.

If you have offers, put together a great webinar and find people who have the customers you would like to be in front of and propose something. Chris Freville has been in the field of internet marketing business for a long time and offers information on internet marketing.

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