How to Manage Through Difficult Changes …

2 Jan

Change is scary, especially at work. When changes take place, people start thinking the worst. They worry. They get anxious. They extrapolate. This is a difficult time. Effective managers know to get a handle on things before they spiral. The next time your work environment goes through a change, try using these managerial techniques.

1. Involve and Include Them

One of the hardest parts of dealing with change in a professional environment is feeling like you don’t know what’s happening and have no control over the situation. This is how your employees feel. As their manager, it’s your job to make them feel involved and included. Talk to them. See how they’re feeling, what they’re worried about, and why they’re so concerned. Let them know the Who, What, Where, and Why.

2. Provide Necessary Training

Fear of the unknown is awful. During a massive change, your employees likely feel like they’re going in blind. After letting them know everything you can about the changes occurring, make sure you set up the appropriate training. What needs to be done to cope with these changes? Are there new techniques, tasks, or protocols to learn? If so, now is the time to start training. It will simultaneously put your employees at ease and prepare them for the next step.

3. Stay Positive

Your attitude will guide your employees’ attitudes. If you’re worried, stressed, or frustrated, they’ll see that, feed off of it, and mimic it. Bring positive vibes into the office environment, and positivity will follow you.

How do you manage through stressful situations?

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