The Cryptocurrency Open Source API Marketplace for Developers

5 Mar

The API economy is the truth we live in and it’s a gigantic one that, once the Internet of Things kicks into full rigging, will highlight an interminable number of API calls a day. Yet, as we globalize, the world and the products—for this situation APIs—we offer in it turn out to be more convoluted and frequently more costly as we factor in all the grating of exchange rates and Mastercard micropayments. It’s to everyone’s greatest advantage to cover up that friction so engineers can get to our APIs or application programming interfaces all the more effortlessly.

To accomplish that could require an adjustment in the way we handle API adaptation; something that ought to be done now before the API economy explodes like never before.

The API Network is an open-source venture made to give a general system to questioning APIs by imbuing the API economy with another digital money called APICoin. The grandiose target is a win-win circumstance where suppliers that offer more an incentive to the API people group are compensated, while enabling designers to get to APIs considerably more effectively, by evacuating these purposes of friction.

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