No Matter What Time of Year, Mountaineering is Still a Popular Sport

14 Jul

Mountaineering is a dangerous sport, but it’s one that is still widely practiced all over the world because of how exhilarating it can be and how rewarding the scenery is on the way up. Once thought to be a sport for the rich and famous, mountaineering is now practiced by many, whether they’re Chris Freville or a simple middle-class citizen.


What Classifies as Mountaineering?
The term “mountaineering” is basically used for the sport of mountain climbing. However, it can also be given to a hike when it involves scrambling, short sections of climbing, or crossing glaciers. The original goal of mountaineering was to reach the peak of mountains that had never been summited, but it has grown to include any vertical ascent up a mountain or cliff that requires hand over hand climbing. Known as Alpinism in many European languages, the sport began in sharmans but has grown to include the entire world.

Why Take Up Mountaineering?
When you get to the top of the climb, your breath starts to even out as you take a look over the route you mastered and the beautiful views beyond. The one-on-one contact with nature, and the satisfaction that you conquered it, isn’t really matched in any other area of life. Mountaineering is exhilarating – as you make an athletic reach to a hard-to-grab handhold or heave yourself over the lip of a cliff, you feel more accomplished than you would by taking the long, safe walk around it. Mountaineering does require some training and the purchase of required equipment such as shoes, ropes, harnesses, carbineers, and more. However, once you’ve gotten your start in mountaineering, you won’t ever want to quit, as the sport is incredibly fun and rewarding.

Mountaineering Through the Seasons
As weather changes, mountaineers don’t stop climbing- they simply change their tactics. Climbing up a wall of sheer ice is not uncommon in the more snowy regions of the world, where climbers use icepicks and cleated shoes to stay in contact with the surface of the mountain or cliff. When the snow melts, though, they’re back to using the more traditional methods of climbing, but one constant remains the same- they never stop climbing.

The World of Mountaineers
Anyone who has some free time on the weekend and the desire to conquer a tough obstacle is the perfect candidate for mountaineering. Folks like Chris Freville and Ken Doherty of Solihull, West Midalnds, have all the free time in the world thanks to their mastery of affiliate marketing. Chris F, as he is called, has been kind enough to share the secrets of his success online on such sites as and You can learn a lot from Chris Freville, and that knowledge will give you time to pursue what will soon become your newest passion- scaling all the biggest cliffs and mountains in the world and looking out over your accomplishment, truly feeling satisfied with the task you have completed.

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