In a Chaotic Situation, How Do You Handle Your Stress?

20 Jul

Everything at work has gone completely nutty, your boss is assigning all kinds of things to you, you’re panicked, nervous, and stressed out.  How do you handle it?  When you are stressed, your work can suffer, your family time can suffer, your marriage can suffer, and most of the time, it’s all unneeded.  If you are the victim of a high-pressure, high-stress job and you don’t have an outlet for that stress, I can help you.

1. Identify small wins

Trust me on this!  While the big wins are huge and what you want to aim for, don’t forget about the small wins that are going to help elevate some of the stress on you and your team.  Remember to celebrate some of those wins, too. It doesn’t have to be an all-out party, but treat yourself to an ice cream to celebrate.

2. Come up with an outlet

Stress can be toxic in general, and whether it is writing, reading, or just venting, come up with an outlet.  It could be as simple as going to the gym after a stressful day to burn off some of that horrible energy.

3. It’s all about the attitude!

Keep a positive mind!  It makes all of the difference and while you might be stressed out to the max on the inside, on the outside, keep that smile on and make sure that people can still approach you.  

Stress is hard to deal with, however, it is manageable if you actively work to manage it.  What techniques do you use to handle your stress?  Share with me!

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