Personality Traits of a Fantastic Leader …

13 Dec

What makes a good leader? There are so many different ways to define what a leader is, but what are the top four? What do you need to have to lead people in an efficient and effective way? Research shows that all employees are looking for similar characteristics in their leader no matter what type of business it is. If you are looking for a promotion and looking for a way to become a leader, first, check yourself and your personality, do you have these characteristics?

1. Be transparent

Honesty is an essential personality trait that someone who wants to be a leader has to have. Honest and transparent leaders can build a team from the ground up, and they understand that an efficient team and being an effective leader is based on trust. Honesty in leadership is going to generate a team that is dynamic, and it is going to make the workplace entirely satisfied.

2. Openness

Communication and having an open mind to all sorts of ideas is another great way to connect with your team and another fantastic way to be a leader that is dynamic. A leader should encourage and foster all kinds of ideas, not just pick them all apart. Good leaders encourage a culture where every team member’s ideas are heard and valued, so remember that if you are working on moving up the chain.

3. Decisiveness

When a leader is called on to make a decision or a choice, they shouldn’t waffle and waver. An effective leader makes decision confidently and they are comfortable in their choices.

4. Conscientiousness

Finally, this last personality trait is all about how organized, thoughtful and forward thinking the leader is. Great leaders are exceptionally organized, and they sympathize with their employees. They also provide feedback and support, and they have goals for their employees.

So, now that you know what employees look for in a leader do you see this for yourself?

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