How Slack Can Change the Way You Work …

6 Dec

With all of the new technology and the new apps out there, it’s crazy to think about adding one to your work environment. What you might not know is that Slack was designed to help make everyone be a bit more efficient at work. Technology companies have been using Slack for a while now, however, it is slowly trickling down to other companies and becoming more of a norm. Below, we’ll explore some of the reasons how Slack can really change the way that you work and how you can start to use it in your company.

1. Cut down on formality

The first thing that Slack does is cut down on a lot of the formality that email has. You can just pop a message through and not worry about asking anyone how their day is or how they are doing. It is quicker and really allows your employees to connect on a real level through simply texting each other.

2. Appeal to the younger generation

Slack is something that will always appeal to the younger generation. It is hip, it is cool and it is the wave of the future. Why email when you can Slack your co-worker and find out the information faster? The cool thing about Slack is you can also send through pictures and upload videos as well, which is so easy.

3. Portable

Finally, it’s an app, so you do not need to bring your computer everywhere, instead, you can just pop open the app on your phone and you’ll instantly be connected with your co-workers.

So, now can you see how Slack can help your business?

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