Why Responsive Web Design Is More Important than You Realize …

30 Jul
Responsible web design is essential these days. What is it? Simply put, it’s a type of web design that allows your blog or business page to look the same across all platforms, or at least to share the same information. In other words, your page is the same whether someone views it on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
Are you starting to see why it’s so important? More and more people rely on mobile devices for all their web browsing and shopping. If they cannot reach, understand, or easily navigate a website on their phone or tablet, they’re going to walk away from that site and never look back, even if it means going to a competitor or rival blog.
The most important factors to consider when you’re creating a responsible web design are:
Clicking with a mouse versus touching with a fingertip or stylus
  • Screen size
  • Flash support
  • Optimized markup
  • And pixel resolution
With these aspects in place, you have a solid base for a responsive design. No important information, visuals, or menu options will be lost in translation. This is essential not just for keeping and attracting customers, it’s also vital to your success on the internet. No matter what your business, product, or service, you know the importance of SEO. Responsive web design aids in that, as well, by promoting link building, faster loading times, decreased bounce rates, social sharing growth, and reduces the risk of duplicating content.
Think it might be time for an updated design?

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